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Just on this wiki for fun. Mostly bouncing between editing and revising stuff and making my own content. My main projects/contributions/whatever based on existing media are a ton of creatures from Mortasheen and Sunless Seas/Skies, some Magnus Archives-based warlock subclasses, and a good amount of Terraria and Binding of Isaac content.
My "personal" stuff is a bit less prodigious. Pages I've created:

  • Scrimshaw Figure: A little bone or ivory trinket carved by sailors, animated with magic that lets it help out around the ship.
  • Lesser Neutronium Golem: My take on perhaps the most thought-experiment-y monster in history, hopefully adapted to better fit 5e and also not be quite as stupidly insane.
  • Clamshell, Blossom, Feather, and Needle Haltija: A bunch of evil undead nature spirits, so BBEG druids can maybe be a bit more menacing.
  • Apparatus of the Scorpion, Shrimp, and Lobster: Like the apparatus of the Crab, but for even more types of crustacean (and even even more types of arachnid).
  • Psychic Frog and tadpole: Low (or no) CR beasts, upgraded with spooky brains magics and the power to kill a yak from 20 yards away.
  • Cinnamologus: Now you can add all sorts of spices to your medieval European fantasy realm without having to worry about things like "trade networks" or "other continents".
  • Cave Wyvern: What a gecko is to a wyvern, an olm is to this.
  • Cithaeronian Lion, Ceryneian Deer, and Thracian Horse: Some simple, lower-CR creatures from Greek myth.
  • Bellowshell: A giant land nautilus with an expanding shell.
  • Tourist: An honestly not very great rogue subclass that I should get around to updating someday.
  • Kinetic Fusillade: Basically makes you into a gatling turret for a turn. An attempt to mechanically capture the idea of hosing down an area with hot lead.
  • Anito Senary, Octal, and Hex: Different manifestations of a kind of formless nature spirit. Named after numbering systems for no reason.
  • Deck of Weals and Wos: A deck of cards that have good or bad effects depending on which way they face when drawn. Inspired by another "deck" item, I felt like my interpretation of the idea was too different to reasonably integrate into the original.

And some things which I'm proud of my contributions towards:

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