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Huge fiend (demon), chaotic evil

Armor Class 21 (natural armor)
Hit Points 406 (28d12 + 224)
Speed 40 ft.

26 (+8) 12 (+1) 26 (+8) 19 (+4) 19 (+4) 24 (+7)

Saving Throws Str +14, Con +14, Wis +10, Cha +12
Skills Deception +15, Insight +12, Perception +10, Persuasion +12
Damage Immunities fire, lightning, poison; bludgeoning, piercing and slashing from nonmagical attacks
Condition Immunities charmed, exhaustion, frightened, poisoned
Senses truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 20
Languages All; telepathy 120 ft.
Challenge 24 (62,000 XP)

Innate Spellcasting. Humbaba’s spellcasting abillity Charisma (spell save DC 22). Humbaba can innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components:

At will: augury, detect magic, fear
3/day: dispel magic, tree stride
1/day: foresight, guards and wards

Keen Hearing and Smell. Humbaba has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing or smell.

Legendary Resistance (3/Day). If Humbaba fails a saving throw, he can choose to succeed instead.

Magic Resistance. Humbaba has advantage on saving throws against spells or other magical effects.

Magic Weapons. Humbaba’s weapon attacks are magical.


Multiattack. Humbaba makes two claw attacks, one tail attack and one bite attack.

Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +15 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 19 (2d10 + 8) piercing damage. If the target is a Medium or smaller, it must succeed a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or be swallowed. While swallowed, the creature is blinded and restrained, it has total cover against attacks and other effects outside Humbaba, and it takes 35 (10d6) acid damage at the start of each of Humbaba's turns. Humbaba can have only one target swallowed at a time.
If Humbaba takes 60 damage or more on a single turn from the swallowed creature, Humbaba must succeed on a DC 20 Constitution saving throw at the end of that turn or regurgitate the creature, which falls prone in a space within 15 feet of Humbaba. If Humbaba dies, a swallowed creature is no longer restrained and can escape from the corpse by using 25 feet of movement, exiting prone.

Claw. Melee Weapon Attack: +15 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 17 (2d8 + 8) slashing damage.

Tail. Melee Weapon Attack: +15 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target. Hit: 21 (3d8 + 8) bludgeoning damage. If the target is a creature, it must make a DC 21 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.


Humbaba can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Only one legendary action option can be used at a time and only at the end of another creature's turn. Humbaba regains spent legendary actions at the start of his turn.

Claw. Humbaba makes one claw attack.
Move. Humbaba moves up to half his speed.
Inspire Madness (Costs 2 Actions). Humbaba forces a creature it can see within 50 feet to succeed on a DC 22 Wisdom saving throw or descend into madness as determined by the Madness of Humbaba table. If a creature's saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the creature is immune to the Madness of Humbaba for the next 24 hours.

The Prince of Royal Beasts by Dinomaster337

The Prince of Royal Beasts, the Gluttonous Sloth, Humbaba is a formidable opponent and a near-perfect mixture of gluttony and pride. He is the king of his realm and demands to be treated as such, lazily being leisured by endless demon slaves and servants, food thrust upon him at his whim, and showered by praises and cheers of glory. But if anything in his routine is off or what he wants is denied, gluttony and pride quickly become mixed with wrath.
Humbaba is an ancient entity, even among the demon lords: his name appears in some of the oldest text, ancient even by the standards of the elves. These texts describe him as a 20-foot tall monster, with the head and claws of a lion, a body covered in thorny scales, the legs of a vulture and the tail of a snake, and claim "Humbaba's roar is a flood, his mouth is death and his breath is fire! He can hear a hundred leagues away from anybody in his forest!".
His worship is so ancient that some have hypothesized Humbaba to be a fallen god who once used the symbol of a lion covered in entrails and whose domains included haruspicy, protective magic, and the forest, though his origin is unclear. Despite his evil disposition, his cult most often consists of high-class individuals, who spend much of their time drowning in luxury.
Humbaba is an embodiment of the worst aspects of civilization: tyranny and overindulgence. Those who follow him are more than happy to give in to their bestial desires one minute, then sit down for a fine glass of wine the next. If Humbaba was a god, it is unclear whether he was always evil or became corrupted overtime, but one thing is for sure, he has always encouraged luxury and gluttony.
Humbaba is known to associate with a very select few of the other Demon Lords in a semi-nonviolent manner, namely Graz’zt who shares his taste for luxury and extravagance. While know known instances are remembered, it is said that occasionally he has temporarily partnered with Baphomet, who enjoys his bestial traits but is distasteful of his embracing of civilization. Other than these tenuous partnerships, Humbaba hates the Demon Lords just as much as one might expect.

Humbaba's Lair

Humbaba dwells within the center of the Cedar Forest. His abode is a massive, golden ziggurat, rising 300 feet into the air, pristinely kept by hordes of slaves who wait on him hand and foot. Within this ziggurat are pits of bones and rotten scraps, the remnants of the endless meals Humbaba gorges upon, including slaves he has devoured. The trees of the forest are tall, with a dense, high canopy, and the forest is filled to the brim with beasts on the prowl; herbivores are strangely absent, but predators are overly abundant and often appear starving and crazed.

Lair Actions

On initiative count 20 (losing initiative ties), Humbaba can take a lair action to cause one of the following magical effects; he can’t use the same effect two rounds in a row:

  • Humbaba casts scrying on a mirror or pool or water to spy on any creature in his layer of the Abyss. Additionally, while he is scrying a creature or group creatures, he may divine information about them and their goals, as though he had cast the spell divination.
  • Humbaba chooses a room in this ziggurat and casts hallucinatory terrain on it, affecting no larger than a dimension of a 150-foot cube and any hostile creature in the room must succeed a DC 22 Intelligence (Investigation) check to disbelieve it. The effect ends on the next initiative count 20.

Regional Effects

The region containing Humbaba’s lair is warped by his magic, creating one or more of the following effects:

  • Humbaba always knows when a being enters or exits the Cedar Forest, and their rough location.
  • Predatory beasts within 6 miles of the ziggurat act as Humbaba's eyes and ears.
  • If a humanoid spends at least 1 hour within 1 mile of the lair, that creature must succeed on a DC 22 Wisdom saving throw or descend into madness determined by the Madness of Humbaba table. If a creature's saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the creature is immune to the Madness of Humbaba for the next 24 hours.

If Humbaba dies, these effects fade over the course of 1d10 days.

Madness of Humbaba

If a creature goes mad in Humbaba's lair or within line of sight of the demon lord, roll on the Madness of Humbaba table to determine the nature of the madness, which is a character flaw that lasts until cured. See the Dungeon Master's Guide for more on madness.

d100 Flaw (lasts until cured).
01-20 "This place is death! This is hopeless, we have no chance against him. We're going to die here! We're going to die! I don't want to die here!"
21-40 "The shadows... they're moving. They are in the shadows! We need to get out of here! The shadows are coming for us! We must run you fools! Run! What are you waiting for!"
41-60 "I'm so hungry. I need to eat! Why are my companions hoarding all of the rations? They want me to starve, I know it."
61-80 "I've been awake for so long! I need to sleep. Not even a vicious predator will stop my rest, and hell hath no fury like I'll have towards anyone who dares wake me!"
81-00 "What morons! My companions have gotten us lost, I know it. If I were leading I would keep us together and make us stronger. Maybe I should take control!"

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