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The southernmost continent of the Old World, Okut is home to a diverse array of terrain, from deserts to frigid tundras. Large tracts of the land here are uninhabited, remaining pristine nature sites.



Reza is one of the most successful nations on the continent, having dominated many of its rivals throughout history and ultimately establishing themselves as the powerhouse. Their land was originally mostly arid areas with only a few oases around which separate tribes gathered. However one king apparently rose up and united them all into one body, which then rode out to conquer the more fertile lands nearby. The king was under the impression of uniting the entire continent of Okut, but at his death, the empire lost a lot of land, eventually creating the country as it is known to day. Despite this history, Reza remains a kingdom of multicultural tolerance and puts great emphasis on the education of their people.


Uruzi is a large and multicultural nation formed loosely of a myriad of peoples. It is a rather wild place, as central authority is usually frowned upon there. Much of the land remains relatively untamed, with a plethora of unique monsters. The diversity of groups in Uruzi include some of the only orcs in all of Okut, as well as a large clan of gnolls, and even some refugees from the Astral Sea.


This small nation originated as a pirate's haven during the years of seaward expansion in the Old World. Many of the residents can trace their blood back to the continents of Bevel, Himmländ, and even Dasoon. Located on the back of Aulordimo, Ameretat is a place of lawlessness and poverty. Ne'er-do-wells are said to flock there to scheme up some mischief.


Aulordimo is the third largest nation on the continent. It was originally a mess of colonies, formed by nations overseas like Preius, who were seeking to build a global empire. These colonies eventually threw off the proxy rulers from the foreign nations. However, the impact of colonialism left them with an identity distinct from the rest of the continent, so they came together as a new nation.


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