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Following the destruction of the Old World and creation of the World Tree, the shattered planet's inhabitants devolved into a state of misery and war as their world had been torn asunder. The shards of how the world were now held in fragile connection meant lands that never touched had now been mashed together. The seas were all gone, and the flow of time itself had been disrupted. Lawlessness arose among the high body count from the Gorge's destruction, and people were driven to depravity to survive. Records of this time were scarce but altogether understandably horrific as people fought starvation, disease, and of course, one another as the land sought to try and heal.

Things were no less difficult for the gods, many of whom lost incredible numbers of worshipers and thus faded from the death of their faith. They squabbled and clashed among themselves for the remainder of supremacy. Some sought domination over survival, seeking to squeeze all they could out of the remaining mortals. Others became withdrawn, dropping from deity status into slumbering vestiges. Despite their depleted numbers, they still quarreled and killed amongst themselves, ultimately establishing the new world order of the Shattered Pantheon.

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