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This metal container holds 12 cubic feet or 300 pounds worth of gear securely. Opening the safe requires a correct combination plus a key. A key in the lock cannot be turned nor can the lock be picked until the correct combination is entered.

Cracking a safe requires a number (based on length of combination) of successfully made DC 13 Wisdom (Perception) checks (based on hearing) in a row, followed by a successful thieves' tools check.

A basic safe has a price of 75 gp, a three number combination and a lock DC of 15.

Increasing the length of the number combination by one increases the price by 25 gp, up to six numbers.

Increasing the lock DC by 5 increases the price by 50 gp, up to a DC of 30.

The knock spell only works on either one of the combinations or the final lock.

Rarity: Common
Weight: 200 lbs

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