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A deck of stories contains 100 unique cards with six suits of 13 cards and 22 unsuited cards. The deck can be used for a variety of purposes including games of chance, interpretive storytelling, and various divinations. Depending on the purpose, the contents of the deck can be divided to exclude suits and unsuited cards. Many games involve only 52 cards; these typically use only the Swords, Sickles, Skulls, and Seeds suits.

The suited cards are listed in the following table:

Swords Sickles Stones Skulls Seeds Stars
Song The War The Harvest The World The Plague The Bloom The Sun
2 The Dagger The Crumbs The Sands The Mind The Drought The Moon
3 The Heart The Grains The Cairn The Corpse The Winds The Fates
4 The Blood The Soil The Gems The Sorrow The Grass The Fool
5 The Rage The Farm The Henge The Rites The Rain The Quest
6 The Warriors The Thieves The Freefolk The Magi The Druids The Clergy
7 The Plan The Fruit The Wall The Crypt The Tree The Lost
8 The Battle The Sweat The Tower The Worms The Ritual The Sign
9 The Nightmare The Slaughter The Cave The Lich The Storm The Conspiracy
10 The Victory The Feast The Mountain The Peace The Birth The Resurrection
Herald The Smith The Serf The Pilgrim The Ferryman The Beast The Sage
Queen The Empress The Lady The Giant The Witch The Mother The Oracle
King The Emperor The Lord The Golem The Reaper The Father The Celestial

The unsuited cards are as follows:

The Shield
The Spear
The Staff
The Sorceress
The Student
The Spell
The Sky
The Shadow
The Secret
The Scream
The Steed
The Search
The Shelter
The Sacrifice
The Scar
The Shackles
The Strings
The Spider
The Silence
The Sea
The Shell
The Spirit

Cost: 10 gp
Weight: 1 lb

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