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A laser sight is a tool which enhances the accuracy and targeting capabilities of a firearm. There are two basic types of laser sights: Detachable laser sights, which can be detached or attached to a handgun or rifle, and integral laser sights. Laser sights can emit either visible lasers, or infra-red lasers which can only be seen with the aid of a night-vision device. The type of beam a laser sight emits can be changed as an object interaction.

Detachable Laser Sight: A detachable laser sight can be mounted on a firearm as an action. Once a laser sight is mounted, it must be properly aligned with the weapon, and calibrated to suit the weapon's wielder, or it provides no appreciable benefit. It takes a minute to align and calibrate a detachable laser sight, which must be done whenever it is attached or removed from a weapon, or whenever a character for whom the sight is not calibrated decides to wield it.

Integral Laser Sight: Integral laser sights are built into a weapon system, and provide their benefit to any wielder.

A laser sight provides a +2 bonus to attack rolls against creatures or objects that are not obscured or lightly obscured for reasons other than the prevailing light level (e.g. fog and smoke). Laser sights still provide their bonus in dim light and darkness. If you are hidden, and you use a laser sight on your turn, creatures have advantage on Perception checks to determine your position if they are capable of perceiving the laser.

A laser sight runs for 36 hours on a single AA battery.

Rarity: Common
Weight: 3/4 lb.

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