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Cost: 75gp
Weight: 15lb
A Blast charge is a 12 pound bag of gun powder with a timer used to detonate it. Its primary purpose is to break down doors,gates, ect. and as such does double damage to structures. When activated it detonates after 1 minute and deals d10+5 fire and d20+15 bludgeoning dam to everything in a d4 radius unles they make a DC20 Dexterity check. Using thieves tools, 5gp worth of supplys, and 20 minutes you can rig the device to explode instantly when set off by a trip wire. This wire must be connected to something else such as a door, stake, or a bookcase. This tripwire can be as long as 10ft. A DC13 Perception check gives away the location of the trip wire.

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