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Unlike regular healing potions, these are made entirely from natural ingredients. As consequence these healing potions are magic free, unaffected by 'dispel magic' or 'anti-magic', cheaper, and simply speed up natural healing. The potions restore 1 HP a minute (10 turns) for a number of minutes depending on your Hit dice. Out of initiative this works like a regular healing potion, however it will be incredibly ineffective in combat. In the case of Multi-classing the HD used are primarily from the most common dice or, if there isn't a majority, the first level class.

Rarity Price Duration Minutes
Common 25gp Rolls one hit die + Con Mod.
Uncommon 50gp Rolls one quarter (rounded up) of total hit dice + Con Mod for each one.
Rare 100gp Rolls one half (rounded up) of total hit dice + Con Mod for each one.
Very Rare 200gp Rolls all hit dice + Con Mod for each one.

HP recovered from these potions does not wake an unconscious creature, nor does it restore negative HP to 1HP. However it does count as a successful Death Save.

Effects that boost Hit Dice healing, such as the Durable feat or Periapt of Healing, also boost Herbalism healing.

Cost: Various
Weight: 1lb

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