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Design Note: This is a more modern, more "realistic" variant of the parachute.

This is a standard round or "dome-shaped" parachute made of silk, or, most commonly in 1970 and onewards, nylon, opened by a static line or by hand. You can pull the cord on your turn as an object interaction, or you can pull it as a reaction to falling; Once you do so, you must fall 250 feet before the parachute fully opens. If you strike a surface before falling the minimum distance, your velocity is still somewhat reduced, and you have resistance to damage from the fall. Once the parachute fully opens, your rate of descent slows to 90 feet per round, and you drift with the direction of the wind. If you land with an opened parachute, you can make a DC 13 Acrobatics check. On a success, you take no falling damage and can land on your feet. On a failure, you take 1d6 bludgeoning damage and are knocked prone. A parachute has a "safe weight" of 250 pounds, but can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, you will simply plummet like a stone and might as well not be wearing a parachute. If you weigh 250-300 pounds, then the parachute will still work, but landings may be rough. Your rate of descent increases to 120 feet per round, when you land the DC of your Acrobatics check is 15, and you take 2d6 bludgeoning damage on a failure.

Parachutes intended for military purposes are often color-coded: Blue for mail, red for ammunition, red for medical supplies, and so on. Parachutes are often used to safely drop explosive ordnance such as bombs.

Rarity: Common
Weight: 30 lb.

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