Plague Doctor's Case (5e Equipment)

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A traditional leather bag with shoulder strap.
A variation of the Plague Doctor's Case as a backpack.

This item is intended for use with the Plague Doctor class.

A Plague Doctor's Case contains the various supplies and equipment needed to perform surgeries, create poultices and decoctions, and perform other activities related to treating illnesses. It's designed specifically for the doctor to carry the items unique to their practice as well as general medical items.

Among the things included in a Plague Doctor's Case are typical surgical items used by doctors, such as sutures, forceps, scalpels, and most items representative of mundane medicine. For the Plague Doctor specifically, it contains a crucible, mortar and pestle, various sized vials, and ultimately his recipe book, which are used for producing poultices, decoctions, and infusions.

Proficiency with this item is required for creating poultices, decoctions, and conducting infusions. Proficiency with this kit allows you to add your proficiency bonus to, as well as have advantage on, medical checks involving surgical procedures.

Cost: 25 gp
Weight: 15 lbs.

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