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Magical Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Adamantine Skeleton Able to create undead, Mithral Skeleton, Steel Skeleton Undead you create have their skeleton structure reinforced by Adamantine
Aggressive Casting Concentration 1 rank Changes defensive casting to be more aggressive.
Arcane Adept Int 13, Wis 13, Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks A character with this feat can treat Adept spells as arcane rather than divine.
Arcane Admixture One other metamagic feat, Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks You can modify a spell that inflicts energy damage to mix in an equal amount of arcane damage.
Arcane Cantata Bardic music, Perform 5 ranks You can boost the power of your spells with the sound of music.
Arcane Demoralizing Caster Level 3rd, Intimidate 8 Ranks You can use spell energy to Demoralize your target shaking them.
Arcane Power You can infuse your damaging arcane spells with raw magical energy.
Arcane Renewal Cast 3rd Level Arcane Spells, Martial Study or Initiator Level 3 Your Arcane power allows you to focus your mind on combat and use your most devastating maneuvers more frequently.
Arcane Understanding Int 13, Wizard level 1st, Knowledge (Arcana) 5 ranks You increase the number of spells learned automatically with each new level.
Area Control You can exactly control the spread of an area spell.
Area Spell Resistance Must have Spell Resistance from a feat, class feature, or other permanent effect. The creature's Spell Resistance (SR) can negate area-effect spells and spell-like abilities.
Armed Skeletons Able to create skeletons, Iron Skeleton Skeletons you create come armed with weapons and armor
Armored Caster Dex 13, Armor Proficiency (in Armor Worn) You can reduce your chance of arcane spell failure when wearing armor.
Augment Shadow Spell Focus (Illusion) Your Shadow spells are stronger.
Avatar of Compassion Heal 18 ranks, Master of Compassion You have become an Avatar of Compassion. Healing spells naturally become fully powered, and your healing touch can reach to those normally out of reach.
Believable Int 18, Knowledge (Arcana) 4 ranks, Able to cast arcane spells. You make all the spells from the School of Illusions more real.
Big Familiar The ability to summon a familiar You can take a larger animal or vermin as a familiar.
Blurred Spells Base Land/Fly/Swim speed 60 ft, Ability to cast 3rd level spells, Dex 18 Your speed allows you to become like a blur, hiding your spells' true nature from the target until it is too late.
Bone Art Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) 5 ranks, Ability to summon undead You can create weapons, armor and possibly siege equipment for your undead minions.
Bonus Spells Focus Caster level 4th Choose one spellcasting class. You receive more bonus spells per day for that class.
Bright Mage You are skilled at light spells.
Cannibalistic Casting You can use your body to fuel magic once your spells have run out.
Cantrip Int 13, Knowledge (Arcana) 1 rank Allows you to use 0-level arcane spells.
Cantrip Mastery Caster level 3rd, Memorizes spells as a Wizard, Knowledge (Arcana) 5 ranks You have mastered cantrips in a way that allows you to use them more freely.
Channel Touch Spell You can cast a touch spell through your melee weapon.
Class Pet This feat must be taken at character creation You learned that your winning personalty and good looks can get you passing grades in magic school. You slowly have learned magic and can cast using your force of personality.
Combat Spell Trigger Combat Casting You can activate any spell trigger magic item while fighting defensively.
Communal Spell You can spread the effects of your spell to multiple allies by dividing its duration amongst them.
Concentrated Summoning Spell Focus (Conjuration) You can maintain the duration of a Conjuration (Summoning) spell through concentration.
Concentration Spell You can extend the duration of your spells through concentration.
Conductive Spell Ability to cast a spell that deals electricity damage, caster level 3rd. You can cause your electricity to zero in on a target.
Consistent Spell Any non-chaotic You incur the power of order to give your spells consistently.
Controlled Burst You have greater control over burst and spread spells.
Conviction of Faith Through extraordinary faith you can achieve near miraculous results.
Covered Enchantment Spell Focus (Enchantment) Your enchantment spells are hard to notice.
Craft Grenades Brew Potion. You can create explosive items.
Critical Heal Spell focus (conjuration) Your healing spells have a chance to score a critical hit
Cure Boost Heal 4 ranks Your cure spells are more powerful.
Deafening Spell The sonic volume of your spells reaches deafening levels.
Delay Spell You may delaty the effect of a spell you cast.
Destructive Force You can increase the damage limitations of certain spells.
Devoted Magi Access to Paladin spell list, Ability to spontaneously cast arcane spells. Your devotion to the righteous path harmonizes with your innate arcane abilities.
Dispel Mastery You are an expert at dispelling spells.
Divine Boon A domain with a granted power that has a limited number of uses per day You can use one of your granted powers one more time than normal each day.
Divine Dominion Knowledge (Religion) 6 ranks, Any domain Add one additional domain to your divine casting repertoire
Divine Gift Wis 13, Knowledge (Religion) 1 rank Allows you to use 0-level divine spells.
Domain Adaptability You can use your domain spell slots as regular clerical spell slots.
Domain Focus Your domain spells are especially potent.
Domain Mastery Ability to substitute other spells for cure/inflict spells, Knowledge (religion) 12 ranks You can spontaneously cast domain spells.
Double Cantrips Ability to cast 0-level spells You cast minor effects with ease.
Draconic Bloodline The blood of Dragons truly runs through your veins.
Druidical Blessing Wis 13, Knowledge (Nature) 1 rank Allows anyone to use 0-level druidical spells.
Efficient Spell You can cast a spell as a move action.
Elemental Affinity Any other metamagic feat, Spellcraft 8 ranks Allows user to change any spell using elements to another element of a chosen type.
Elemental Boost Ability to cast 2nd level arcane spells Spells of your chosen element are infused with extra power.
Empower Undead Able to create undead Undead you create are empowered with the fires of hell
Enchantment Brewing Caster level 7, Brew Potion Can take enchantments and turn into oils
Enemy Spell Focus Caster level 1+ Your spells are deadly against a particular type of creature.
Enhanced Draconic Bloodline Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation You have mastered your unique heritage, gaining an extraordinary affinity for arcane magic.
Eschew Divine Focus Extra Turning Your faith in your god allows you forgo the use of your holy symbol.
Essence Mixture Energy Substitution, Access to at least 4th level spells Mixes spell types to create new spell
Expand Spell You can cast spells with a larger area of effect.
Expanded Domains Ability to cast clerical spells, any domain You can memorize domain-specific spells as if they were general cleric spells.
Extend Spell List Spellcasting level 1st You gain the use of the spells of one domain.
Far Touch Spell After set-up, you can cast a touch spell on a willing creature at long range.
Fast Spell Cuts the casting time of your spells.
Favored Enemy Spell Favored Enemy, ability to cast 2nd level arcane or divine spells You are adept at casting spells against your favored enemies.
Favorite Spell : Spell Mastery Cast one spell you know for free once per day.
Fire Penetration Arcane Spellcaster level 5 Your fire spell is more efficient then others.
Flamboyant Warmage Grace, Warmage Edge You mastered sword and sorcery with a cunning intellect and a flamboyant attitude.
Force Bolt Cast 3rd Level Evocations You shoot bolts of Force energy from unused spell energy
Force Mage You are skilled at Force spells.
Force Spell You can infuse your damaging arcane spells with force.
Frozen Mage You are skilled at cold spells.
General Recharge Spell Ability to cast previously prepared arcane spells of at least 2nd level You can cast a spell repeatedly.
Glyphic Spell Recording Able to cast 2nd level spells, use of a spell or prayer book You use a specialized system to record spells you know, similar to a geometers.
Gravechill Undead Able to create undead, one other Necromantic Feat Undead you create are able to attack their enemies with the chill of death
Greater Control Undead Int or Cha or Wis 15, Ability to cast Animate Dead You gain the ability to control more undead than before.
Greater Divine Dominion Knowledge (religion) 9 ranks, Any domain Gain the domain powers from a divine dominion
Greater Spell Mastery Spell Mastery You can cast some of the spells previously mastered with Spell Mastery without preparation.
Greater Spell-like Abilities Spell-like abilities. Your innate magic grows with you.
Greater Supernatural Abilities Supernatural abilities granted by a class. Your innate magic grows with you.
Hardened Spell Spell Focus Your spells become highly resistant to disruption.
Hasty Spell Ability to cast spells, Caster Level 6th. You can sacrifice spell efficiency and effectiveness for greater casting speed.
Heighten Undead Able to create undead You are able to make undead that are more resistant to turning
Impact Spell Arcane spellcaster, Heighten Spell You can increase the maximum damage of heightened spells.
Improved Caster Level Ability to cast spells
Improved Divine Connection Knowledge (Religion) 13 ranks, Access to any four domains, Ability to turn or rebuke undead Your broad knowledge of divine lore has given you greater access to applying this knowledge.
Improved Eschew Materials Eschew Materials You can cast any spell without need for material components or foci.
Improved Inner Depths Of The Soul Inner Depths Of The Soul taken 18 times, Int 49, Wis 49, Cha 49 You have honed your inner reserve of power that allows you to reduce XP costs further.
Improved Mana Regeneration Improved Mana Regeneration is an upgrade of Mana Regeneration. In order to get it, you must have at least a +5 modifier in your casting stat (For a sorcerer, would be 20 charisma). Character regenerates mana.
Infer Spell Spellbook You can learn spells from magic items.
Inflict Boost Non-good alignment Your inflict spells are more powerful.
Innate Specialist Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation (like a bard or sorcerer) You have a remarkable affinity for a school of magic, similar to a specialist wizard.
Inner Depths of the Soul Int 13, Wis 13, Cha 13 You have tapped an inner reserve of power that allows you to reduce magic-related XP costs.
Insightful Spellcasting Intelligence score of 16 Your unique understanding of magic aids you in your spells accuracy
Intuitive Spell Preparation Ability to cast 1st level Arcane spells without preparation (like a bard or sorcerer) You can recover spell slots without rest or need for meditation.
Invisible Spell You may make your spells invisible.
Iron Skeleton Able to raise or create undead Undead you create have their skeleton structure reinforced by iron
Magic Secret Your magic is tied to a secret, making your spells harder to dispel.
Magical Cooking Profession(cook) 4 ranks You know a few unusual cooking tricks.
Magically Inclined Any race that has a specified spellcaster class as a favored class, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma must be a 13 or better, Level 1 or better in any spellcaster class. You are so attuned with magic that your innate ability to cast magic isn't restricted to just your chosen spellcaster class.
Mana Regeneration In order to take Mana Regeneration, the character must already have taken Mana-based Casting. Character regenerates mana.
Mass Spell Your spells can benefit more targets.
Master Battlecaster Combat Casting, Base attack bonus +6, Concentration 8 ranks, Ability to cast second level spells You have mastered the ability to combine magic and war-skill on the battlefield.
Master Prestidigitator Parlour Tricks, ability to cast 2nd level spells The arcane spellcaster has become an expert at using prestidigitations to bolster other spells.
Meddlesome Base attack bonus +4 You are well trained in the art of disrupting spell casting.
Menagerie Spell Focus (Conjuration) You have an impressive affinity for summoning spells.
Metamagic Pool One other metamagic feat, caster level 6th. You can sacrifice lower level spell slots to power your metamagic.
Metaspell Ability to cast Arcane spells without preparation (like a bard or sorcerer). You can learn metamagically-enhanced spells instead of standard spells.
Minor Spell Mastery Spellcasting level 3rd You have become so familiar with a 0-level spell that it becomes second nature to you.
Mithral Skeleton Able to create undead, Steel Skeleton Undead you create have their skeleton structure reinforced by mithral
Multiply Spell Repeat Spell, Twin Spell, Quicken Spell, Improved Spell Capacity Cast many copies of a spell at a very high spell level.
Mystical Dances Perform (dance) 12 ranks, Dance class ability, arcane caster level 4th, ability to spontaneously cast 2nd level spells. A normal Dancer has only physical Dances, with no magical components to them. When they take Mystical Dances, they gain access to three magical dances.
Necromantic Rush Spell Focus (Necromancy) You undead minions are faster than normal.
Necrotic Pulse Ability to cast a 3rd level Arcane or Divine Necromancy Spell with the Evil descriptor. You can channel spell energy to strike fear into the hearts of the undead.
Noxious Undead Able to create undead Your fleshy undead creatures have a sickening smell
Opportunity Counterspell Quicken Spell, Spellcraft 9 ranks You can cast counterspells in lieu of making an opportunity attack.
Oracle Wis 17, ability to prepare divine spells You guide your faith through the visions sent by your deity.
Parlour Tricks Ability to cast prestidigitation You are permanently under the effects of the prestidigitation spell and may weave it into other spells as they are cast.
Periodic Re-Awakening Ability to learn a new spell in place of one you already know You can alter the spells you know.
Poisonous Undead Able to create undead Undead you create burst out clouds of poisonous gas when they are hit
Potent Divination Ability to cast detection spell Your detection spells are stronger than normal.
Practiced Magic Access to any arcane or divine spell list, Casting ability mod +5, Level 10 You have done extensive research in other fields of magic, and it has paid off.
Protective Spell Ability to cast spells. Your protective spells are more potent.
Quickened Summoning Spell Focus (Conjuration), Caster Level 1+. You are able to summon monsters quicker than normal.
Recharge Item creation feat for the item in question You can recharge your magical items rather than create new ones, and create partially charged items.
Research Genius Int 13, Caster level 5 You can create new spells quickly.
Research Trinity You can greatly reduce one element required for creating new spells by increasing the others.
Resilient Summoning Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning. Your summoned creatures are more resistant to banishment and warding.
Restore Effort Mindless Effort You can resume concentration on a spell you have ceased concentrating on.
Routine Combat Casting Combat Casting, Base attack bonus +4 You are able to maintain your concentration even when threatened in combat.
Sanguine Punishment Ability to use 4th-level Bender of the Sanguine Techniques. You can manipulate your blood to be used as a stealthy weapon.
Scroll Mastery Spellcasting ability You have mastered the art of casting powerful spells from scrolls.
Self Item Any craft permanent item feat such as Craft Rod, Craft Wondrous Item or Forge Ring You may create items with powers linked to you.
Sense Magic Spellcraft 1 rank You have a highly developed sensitivity to magic
Share Spell You can bestow your personal spells upon others.
Shatter the Glass Ceiling Though taxing, you can amaze your tutors and cast spells beyond your normal ability to do so.
Song of Overwhelming Valor Bardic Music, Perform ranks 5, Knowledge (History) ranks 3 Even when all hope seems lost, facing overwhelming odds, your music can summon the deep wells of pride and valor in your allies, giving them the courage to fight on, and fight harder still.
Specific Recharge Spell Ability to cast previously prepared spells of at least 2nd level. Prepare a spell again without resting.
Spell Touch The ability to cast spells as a free action. You can now hit enemies passing by with spells as well as melee attacks.
Spiritualist Wis 13 You are known to commune with the spirits.
Spontaneous Spell, Variant Ability to cast prepared spells, Caster Level 6th. You can sacrifice a prepared spell to cast an unprepared spell.
Spontaneous Spell-Like Casting Innate spell-like ability, Ability to cast spells The creature is able to use its arcane or divine spell knowledge to power its spell-like abilities.
Spontaneously Convert Spell Ability to prepare a spell without referring to a spell book, Inability to cast spell without prior preparation You can expend a prepared spell in order to spontaneously cast a particular spell.
Steel Skeleton Able to create undead Undead you create have their skeleton structure reinforced by steel
Strength of the Pious Domain with a granted power with a limited duration. You double the duration of one of your granted powers.
Sublime Prestidigitator Parlour Tricks, Master Prestidigitator, ability to cast 4th level spells The arcane spellcaster has gone beyond mere mastery of using prestidigitations to bolster other spells.
Sudden Metamagic Any one metamagic feat, Spellcraft 8 ranks. You are far more versatile with your metamagic.
Summoning Concentration You can increase the time that your summoned creatures remain by concentrating.
Summoning Diversity Spell Focus (Conjuration), Caster Level 3+. You can summon a greater variety of creatures than normal.
Sunlight Beam Cast 2nd Level light spells. You shoot a ray of sunlight from unused light spell energy.
Tactical Spellcasting Dex 13, Dodge, Mobility Your quick and decisive maneuvers do not disrupt your spellcasting.
Tap Item Any craft permanent item feat such as Craft Rod, Craft Wondrous Item or Forge Ring You may draw upon the power of existing magic items in order to create new ones.
Tight Spell Focus Choose one magic subschool or one type of energy damage (acid, cold, fire, electricity or sonic). Your spells within this limited sphere are incredibly potent.
Touch of Vampire Able to use Charnel Touch or Withering Touch, Base attack bonus +2 You can use your Charnel Touch to heal yourself
Toughen Undead Able to create undead Undead you create are tougher than normal
Transference Any item creation feat. Allows a spellcaster to draw from the life force of another while using item creation feats.
True Spell Mastery Int 17, Spell Mastery (selected Spell) You know a spell so innately that you can cast it without memorization.
Undead Horde Ability to cast animate dead, Cha 13, Improved Undead Control You may control a small army of lesser undead.
Unique Spell Ability to cast 3rd level spells You gain access to and learn a single spell from any spell list.
Unprecocious Apprentice 1st level wizard You were a nightmare for your mentor. Even though you showed considerable talent, you never seemed to bother with studies and loved to pull pranks instead.
Usurp Spell Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks You can attempt to steal control of any spell that you successfully counterspell.
Utterance Knowlege Ability to speak an utterance You gain a better grasp of the language of the universe, gaining more utterances.
Wizard's Grace Int 13, ability to cast 1st level arcane spells. The tricky hand gestures that are an integral part of your spellcasting have helped you to improve other skills.
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