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Critical Heal [General]

Your healing spells have a chance to score a critical hit
Prerequisite: Spell focus (conjuration)
Benefit: Whenever you cast a Conjuration (healing) spell, roll 1d20. If the roll results in a natural 20, it is considered as a critical heal threat. Make a Wisdom check with the DC equal to the spell's DC (you can take neither 10 nor 20 on the check). If you succeed, make one thing of the following:
  • If the spell heals variable amount of damage, roll the amount twice and count the result as the total of the two rolls.
  • If the spell heals numeric amount of damage, simply multiply that amount by 2
  • If the spell lasts more than one round, make the rolls every round. Successful critical heal applies only to that round in which it has been achieved.

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