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Essence Mixture [Metamagic]

Mixes spell types to create new spell
Prerequisite: Energy Substitution, Access to at least 4th level spells
Benefit: Essence Mixture allows the user to mix two types of spells into a single, more powerful version. For casters that prepare spells, the two spells chosen must be prepared as a single spell that's level is equal to both spells combined plus one. (ex: a wizard uses this feat with the Charm Person spell and the Reduce Person spell. The wizard prepares this "Charm Reduce Person" spell as a 3rd level spell, since both are 1st level spells, plus one.) For spontaneous casters, the normal rules apply for metamagic, requiring a full round. For spells with different casting times, use the longer. Any xp or material components required must be paid for either spell. (ex: stone skin and shield still require the costly stoneskin component.)

Notes: Two spells with individual targets must be cast on a single target. (as with the example above, charm person and reduce person combined may only be cast as a single spell with a single target). For spells with multiple targets, use the spell which has the least number. For spells with area, use the smallest area. For range, use smallest range beyond "touch".

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