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Bone Art [Metamagic]

You can create weapons, armor and possibly siege equipment for your undead minions.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) 5 ranks, Ability to summon undead
Benefit: When you cast a Bone Art spell that summons or creates undead, you may give the created undead equipment. This equipment performs just like standard equipment of the appropriate type. The undead are proficient with whatever gear they are created with. The gear created this way is actually a part of the undead creature and has an obvious sheen of undeath; it will wither to dust in an hour if more than ten feet away from the creature it was created for. A Bone Art spell uses a spell slot of higher than normal level, depending on the equipment created for the undead; all modifiers are cumulative.
Item Spell Slot Modifier
Peasant’s outfit, simple gear such as quivers and weapon belts +0
Fancy or elaborate clothing or gear worth up to 100 gold +1
Simple or martial melee weapons and shields +1
Exotic weapons, ranged weapons +2
padded, leather, studded leather, hide or scale mail +1
chain shirt, chainmail, breastplate, splint mail, banded mail +2
Special: DMs may allow the creation of siege equipment with this feat. To do so, you must create a full crew complement for the siege engine, all modified by this feat, and it is a +3 spell slot modifier beyond that of any other gear created for those undead.

Notes: Immaterial undead have very little use for equipment. There is nothing to stop you from equipping undead using gear at hand; this feat merely provides proficiency and gear.

Author: Jerry M. Chaney II © Jerry M. Chaney II 2002   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
NBoF Balance Rating (0 to 5 Scale)
Overall Purp Pow Port Comp Rule
4.03 4.50 4.33 4.00 3.50 3.83

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