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Delay Spell [Metamagic]

You may delaty the effect of a spell you cast.
Benefit: A delayed spell doesn’t activate immediately when cast. Instead, when you cast the spell, you may specify a number of rounds between one and five to delay the effect of the spell. When that number of rounds has passed the spell takes effect. The caster may cause the spell to take effect earlier than they initially selected by taking a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Only area, personal, and touch spells can be delayed. Any decisions you would make about the delayed spell, including attack rolls, designating targets, or determining or shaping an area, are decided when the spell is cast. Any effects resolved by those affected by the spell, including saving throws, are decided when the delay period ends. A delayed spell can be dispelled normally during the delay, and can be detected normally in the area or on the target by the use of spells that can detect spell effects. A delayed spell takes up a spell slot three levels higher than the spell’s actual level.

Notes: The spell is cast normally and a Spellcraft roll can determine what was cast, how and when it will go off. As noted the delayed spell can be detected and dispelled while it is waiting to take effect, however it is not readily visible or detectable by normal senses. It is not technically invisible; it simply exists as a magic aura of the same shape of the spell effect until it takes effect. The delayed spell can be noticed with a DC40 Spot check, although this will only give the spotter an awareness of where the magic effect will be, not what it will do or look like when it goes off. detect magic will show the user what they would normally discover when observing the spell in effect with detect magic.

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