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Hasty Spell [Metamagic]

You can sacrifice spell efficiency and effectiveness for greater casting speed.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast spells, Caster Level 6th.
Benefit: You can cast certain spells as one less action than normal to a minimum of an immediate action. Full-round -> Standard -> Move -> Swift -> Immediate. When you do this, your effective caster level with this spell is cut in half. The caster level cap of the spell is also dropped to half. These figures are rounded up. If the spell normally doesn't have a caster level cap, it instead gains one equal to (2 x its spell level). You cannot apply this feat to a spell if it would reduce your effective caster level below the minimum needed to learn the spell. You cannot apply this feat to a spell that creates a creature or object, a spell with an area of effect, or a spell that targets multiple creatures or objects. A hasty spell does not use up any spell slots higher, but sacrifices its own effectiveness in order to create a hasty casting. Casting a hasty spell still provokes attacks of opportunity as a normal spellcasting. This metamagic feat cannot be used in conjunction with any other metamagic effect on the same spell.

Here are some examples: A 6th level cleric cast a hasty cure light wounds as a move action, they would only gain 1d8+2 hit points and a 10th level cleric would also only gain this reduced amount due to the normal caster level cap on cure light wounds (+5) being reduced by half (to +3). A 12th level wizard can cast a hasty magic missile as a move action, but they would only produce 3 magic missiles. Even though their effective caster level would be 6th, the cap on the spell also drops by half down to 5th instead of 9th (which is the normal caster level cap). Even then, the caster must focus all their missiles on one target since a hasty spell cannot target more than one creature or object per casting.

An 18th level wizard cannot cast a hasty limited wish spell. Their caster level would be reduced to 9th and since a wizard must be at least 13th level to learn 7th level spells like limited wish, he'd be unable to do so.

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