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Reserve feats were introduced in Complete Mage and Complete Champion.

Reserve Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Arcane Demoralizing Caster Level 3rd, Intimidate 8 Ranks You can use spell energy to Demoralize your target shaking them.
Force Bolt Cast 3rd Level Evocations You shoot bolts of Force energy from unused spell energy
Mystical Dances Perform (dance) 12 ranks, Dance class ability, arcane caster level 4th, ability to spontaneously cast 2nd level spells. A normal Dancer has only physical Dances, with no magical components to them. When they take Mystical Dances, they gain access to three magical dances.
Necrotic Pulse Ability to cast a 3rd level Arcane or Divine Necromancy Spell with the Evil descriptor. You can channel spell energy to strike fear into the hearts of the undead.
Sanguine Punishment Ability to use 4th-level Bender of the Sanguine Techniques. You can manipulate your blood to be used as a stealthy weapon.
Sunlight Beam Cast 2nd Level light spells. You shoot a ray of sunlight from unused light spell energy.
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