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Conductive Spell [Metamagic]

You can cause your electricity to zero in on a target.
Prerequisite: Ability to cast a spell that deals electricity damage, caster level 3rd.
Benefit: A conductive spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than normal. When used against a target that is vulnerable to electricity, soaking wet, standing or swimming in water, wearing metal armor or using a metal shield or is otherwise holding or carrying a large quantity of conductive metal, the spell is more effective. Affected targets must roll their Reflex save against the spell twice and take the worst result. If the spell is a touch spell, the caster may roll their attack roll twice and take the better of the two results. In addition, if the spell is a melee touch spell it can be used as a ranged touch spell with a range of 25ft. +5ft. per 2 caster levels. However, if the spell is used as a ranged touch spell, the caster is forced to target the nearest applicable target and cannot target anything further away than the nearest applicable targets. For these purposes, the largest body of conductive metal (or the creature carrying it) is always the nearest applicable target. If the caster is the nearest applicable target, then they are in fact targeted by their own spell. This "retargeting" occurs even if the caster is unaware of it (using their normal attack but changing the target based on conductivity). If a creature or object affected by a conductive spell are not applicable targets (not wet, not carrying metal, not vulnerable to electricity and so forth) then the spell affects them normally with no additional effect. If the spell neither allows a Reflex save to reduce or negate electricity damage that it deals nor a touch attack to deal electricity damage, then this metamagic feat has no effect on it.

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