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Keran uses the standard bestiary from DnD with exception to some new monsters and some monster that aren't in the world. Also some creature types are Different (Such as Undead).

Creatures Removed[edit]

  • Astral Constructs: Doesn't Exist.
  • Aasimar: Replaced by Aasimar.
  • Abominations: Doesn't Exist.
  • Angels: Replaced by Angels.
  • Brain Mole: Doesn't Exist.
  • Cerebrilith: Doesn't Exist.
  • Crysmal: Doesn't Exist.
  • Dragons: Replaced by True Dragons
  • Dromite: Doesn't Exist.
  • Dwarfs: Replaced by Dwarf
  • Elves: Replaced by Dunesti and Newesti.
  • Giants: Doesn't Exist.
  • Goblins: Doesn't Exist.
  • Kobolds: Replaced by Kobold.
  • Lizardfolk: Replaced by Marshshadow Lizardfolk.
  • Lycanthropes: Doesn't Exist.
  • Locathah: Doesn't Exist.
  • Merfolk: Doesn't Exist.
  • Orc: Doesn't Exist.
  • Rakshasa: Doesn't Exist.
  • Tiefling: Replaced by Tiefling
  • Xeph: Doesn't Exist.
  • To Be Continued

Updated Creature Types[edit]

New Keran Creatures[edit]

To be Finished.

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