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Magical Forces[edit]

Magic in Keran is a powerful thing. Not many realise how it even works. Some think that magic is an element, while others say it is the will of the gods manifested. Then some think that it is a force which fills all beings, which with training and practice. In a way all of that is true, but in reality magic is much more. It is the energy emmited by the Monolith.

Arcane Magic[edit]

Every being has magic within themselves. Some have it from their blood. They are natural casters. They have spell-like abilities which are innately controlled by instinct. When one of these creatures mate with a sentient race, the magic is infused to their blood as well. Eventually after a generation or two the magic is lost. But generations later a child might be born with the gift of magic. These are Sorcerers. But there are others which don't have the magic within their blood. They learn the words and movements to use the magic from the area around the caster. These are Binders and Wizards. The blue cresent moon Aratarv infuses the world with magic so that creatures can tap into it power.

Divine Magic[edit]

The gods gain their power from worshippers. And the fastest way to gain this power is to give something in return. Sometimes it is a blessing of having a good harvest. Other more devout get different blessings, they get the blessing of magic. Clerics and Paladins get their spells and abilities directly from a Divine. But Druids and rangers get their power from the elements not the Divines. These divine casters tap into Primordial energies instead, which are infused within the land. The white moon Davia controls the flow of Divine magic and gives it to only the worthy.

Pact Magic[edit]

Binders are casters of Arcane Magic but they have found a new art of Arcane magic. Pact Magic is this art. It is the way binders create a binding circle & also how they Bind Souls to inanimate contructs, people, item, and more. It's easier to use pact magic on a Outsider or Elemental because their souls are their bodies. While it's harder to bind Humanoids or Undead as their souls are seperate to their bodies. The black moon Lustav grants binders their enslaving magic.

Sphere Magic[edit]

Some creatures use Spheres. These are similiar to domains in that they are specialised. They give the creature a set amount of spells from the sphere. Some Outsiders with spheres have the ability to grant them to mortals. They enter a pact with the mortal. These mortals are called warlocks. The most common creature to grant spheres to mortals would have to be Devils. The small red moon Manerva grants the spheres to the world of Keran. It rarely rises on Keran as it travels the planes empowering sphere magic on whichever plane it is currently on.

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