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Gods of Keran[edit]


The Primordials were once as powerful as the Divines. They were they masters of the Elements and Entropy. But after the First Era they were entombed in prisons made of the very elements they would normaly control. As such they are lost to time and many say the are Myths but the legends say they still exist trapped, ready to be released.


Proto Divines[edit]


Primus was one of the first beings in existence and all existence comes from him. He is all this was, is, and will be. As such he is hideous and disguisting to behold. He is commonly referred to as the Elder Eye, or the Father of All. He doesn't grant Spells or domains as he is currently imprisoned.


Kithu was one of the first beings in existence and she is the mother of creation. She is what allowed Primus to create other beings. She then allowed the other gods to use her power until every god had the power to create. She is commonly refer to as the True Mother as she is the Mother of the Gods.


Nihlus was one of the first beings in existence and he is the father of nothing. He is the void. The space between life and death, day and night, Weakness and Strength. He forces all to follow their timelines lest they become lost in the void and merge with nothing.


Jaccob was once Jaccian, but when Jaccian was slain he rose from his left half. Jaccob is the master of the mind, magic, and evil.


Dylian was once Jaccian, but when Jaccian was slain he rose from his right half. Dylian is the master of Strength, War, and Good.


Kephrana is the Divine of Nature. He controls the gates to the Elemental Planes. He is the master of the seasons and weather.


Eos is the Divine of Blood. The Twin Dragon Gods were birthed from his blood when he was wounded during the First Era. As such he is normally seen as the god of dragons. He is said to be a Dragon of Purest Sanguine.

Children Of Eos[edit]


Baham is the divine of Good Draconic Creatures. He is said to be a Dragon of pure Electrum.


Tiamas is the divine of Evil Draconic Creatures. She is said to be a Dragon of a rainbow of colours

Children Of Nihlus[edit]


Boccaj is the god of Risk, Traps,and adventures. People pray to him so that he leaves them alone.


Chiron is the god of Disease and other Taints of the body. His servants seek to spread disease throughout Keran.


Gnuahttam is the god of Maddness and other taints of the mind. His servants are mainly devils tempting mortals towards evil.

Children Of Jaccob[edit]


Aratarv is the God of Arcane Magic. He infuses the world with magic so that creature's can tap into it power. Some creatures have his blessing because of the blood within them, such as Dragons and Sorcerers. His form is that of the Blue Cresent Moon which watches over Keran.


Davia is the Goddess of Divine Magic. She regulates the flow between Gods and Mortals and makes sure it goes only to the worthy. Her form is that of the White Moon which watches over Keran.


Lustav is the God of Pact Magic. He gives mortals the power to manipulate others souls. His form is that of the Black Moon which watches over Keran.


Manerva is the Goddess of Sphere Magic. She is the keeper and master of the sphere's. Her form is that of the Red Moon which watches over Keran.


Nyx is the Goddess of trickery, plots, and Shadows. Her existence is hidden, nearly all mortals think that she dwells in the Shadowfell. The truth is that she is the Night Sky which watches over Keran, each star a eye.

Children Of Dylian[edit]


Halstein is the Divine of War. Soldiers pray everyday to him in the morning, to keep them alive in the commoning battles.


Goddess of Healing and the Community. Every town has at least one priest which worships her.


Oliva is the Goddess of Caring and Compassion.


Vilmar is the God of destruction, murder, and other violent acts. He is hated by his brother & sisters a fact he revels in.

Children Of Kephrana[edit]


Divine of the element of wood and Plants which use it as animating force.


Divine of the element of air and Avians that rely on it.


Divine of the element of Water and Seas which thousands rely on.


Divine of the element of Negative and the creatures animated by it. She is also the love of Jaccob and the mother to the moons of magic.


Divine of the element of Earth and the creatures the dwell within it.


Divine of the element of Positive and the creatures animated by it.


Divine of the element of fire and the Sun. He is also the destroyer of Sumra.



Aves was once one of the first Raven's this was until Nihlus imbued her with Divine energy. She quickly became the goddess of Birds. Strangely Nihlus's energy effected her while she was still mortal and she gave birth to the Murderers minutes before ascending.


Eilyke was once a Durzite which loved to create, this Durzite had the ability to create mundane objects better than any other mortal. So Neon decided to give this mortal more tools. From then onward Eilyke was the god of Objects.


Eridu is the goddess of the Household & Villages. She was orginally a Karmainian woman, who through her endevours created the first Village. As a reward Dylian instilled divine essence within her.


Naru is the god of Time. He orginally was a mortal which used magic and stole the powers of the orginal god of time. He then rewrote time so all knowledge about his past life was erased.


Sharka is the god of tribes & hunting. He was orginally a MarshShadow Lizardfolk which became the best hunter of all time by killing a god while still a mortal himself. So Dylian rewarded him by granting him Divine essence.


Wyla is in actuality a Devil. He rose in the ranks of Devil until he was not only the Arch-Duke but he also he gained the power of a god. It is said that any who gain the Rank Of Arch-Duke will become a god in the same way he did.

Demon Princes & Princesses[edit]


The Horned Queen. Luxari is the Demon Princess of Lust. She appears as a Beautiful woman whos appearance is different to each which gaze upon her. Each person sees what they would find as the perfect mate. Her home layer is is a beautiful jungle which is home to hundreds of creatures which use trickery to kill.


The Devourer. Gulah is the Demon Prince of Gluttony. He appears as a giant without a head or neck, in there place is a giant mouth, full of teeth and tongues. His home plane is one were the land is an organic creature with tongues, and teeth sprouting everywhere.


The King of Thieves. Avitia is the Demon Prince of Greed. He appears as a large crow with glowing purple eyes and hands under his wings. His home plane is one made completely out of Amber, Diamond, and Gold.


The Sleeping Queen. Socore is the Demon Princess of Sloth. She appears as a young Newesti girl who is sleeping in an Amber Coffin. Her home plane is a cold and endless tundra.


The Despairing Merchant. Cedia is the Demon Princess of Acedia. She appears as a beutiful and charming Karmainian. Her home plane is a dreamscape, a place where thought is reality. This realm also fills all who pass through it with Dispair.


The Sanguine Maruader. Sarulitharas is the Demon Prince of Wrath. He appears as a colossal humanoid wearing sanguine spiked armor. His home plane is a marsh made completely of blood.


The Hollow King. Veda is the Demon Prince of Envy. He appears Noble with a hole where the heart is supposed to be. His homeplane is one without light which slowy drains the soul of all how pass through it.


The Master of the Self. Atlus is the Demon Prince of Pride and Vanity. He appears as a Noble without fault or error. His homeplane is one of Blue Water, green plains, and Clear sky's (As in Transparent).

Infernal Lords[edit]


The Harbringer of the Devils. He appraises all realms to find suitable invasion locations. He governs the first layer of the Nine Hells, Saraf. It is a giant Badland filled with fire, smoke, and colossal storms, but dispite this a beautiful song is heard everywhere. His form is that of thirty giant serpents, each made of charcoal, with six wings of magnificent fire. He is the Infernal Lord of Songs and Heralds.


The Warlord of the Devils. He empowers the Devils to fight and conquer all that they require. He governs the second layer of the Nine Hells, Jibrīl. It is a giant fortress made of metal, where the Devil's brutally and eternally train for combat. His form is that of a Metallic Golem who has clawed flails for hands, and Blades for wings. He is the Infernal Lord of Strength and Kindness.


The Justiciar of the Devil. He makes sure each pact and bargin with the Devil's are kept and punishes those who break the deals. He governs the third layer of the Nine Hells, Eden. It is a colossal garden, within this garden lies nearly every form of plant in existence, each in perfect harmony with one an other.

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