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Arise are deathless who have been revived through a ritual which they were either willing or unwilling to proceed though. They are sentient and they all have free-will except for the fact they have the inability to harm the individual who performed the ritual on them. The remember everything from their past life and still retain their personality and devotions. The reason for their revival is because the individual who performed the ritual on their corpse believed that their existence was necessary and that by reviving them allows the arise to finish what they started in life. Arise are neither constained or influenced in anyway (besides being unable to harm the one with revived them) and they are just about as willing to do what the individual who revived wishes them to do when they were alive. After they have completed the task which was the reason the were revived they are still allowed to do whatever they wish.

Becoming a Arise[edit]

The ritual to become a arise takes (one hour or 300 rounds) to complete can be performed at any time of the day and any place but it is preferred to be done in private. The individual undergoing the ritual must be dead before the ritual begins and this is because the ritual is more of a rivival than a resurrection and completely relies on a third party conducting the ritual. The corpse must be placed in a pool of virtually clean (could be a pond of water in a forest that is drinkable) and isn't running (no rivers). A drop of blood from the individual performing the ritual into the water must be added and the individual must be standing in the pool of water, ankle deep at least, while casting the following spells.

If the corpse is no longer fresh then a regenerate cleric or druid spell must be casted before the end of the duration of the ritual. Otherwise if it is fresh then raise deathless and create deathless are sufficient.

Types of Arise[edit]

Arise vary from three types depending on their alignment in life.

They become a light arise if they are of the good alignment.

They become a grey arise if they are of the neutral alignment.

They become a dark arise if the are of the evil alignment.

If their morality should change (e.g. from good alignment to evil alignment) then their type will change accordingly.

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