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Their are billions of people in Keran. Many are just normal everyday commoners living on farms growing crops, etc. and trading them for Food and shelter. But some are different. Some have wealth, some have skill, some have power. And out of these small different people are an even smaller amount which become Adventures. But this page isn't about Adventurers its about everyone else.

Notable NPCs[edit]

These NPC's have power. They are uniques individuals which are of great note in the setting. For example Milo High-Hill the greatest bandit of all time is in this section.

  • Milo High-Hill: A Powerful Druid who is the most wanted criminal in all of Keran.
  • Jacob Mahlah: A Powerful Necromancer who is the count of the city of BoneClaw.
  • Pravelius Liaydon: A Half-breed who is the Count of the Metropolise of Everfall.
  • Aurum Kardia: A twisted crossbreed who is the warlord of a colossal army and is said to be immortal.
  • Matic: The creator and master of Deathless.
  • The Eternal Bard: A strange mage who is said to have all the knowledge in the world.

Generic NPCs[edit]

These are the average people. The stock characters. For example the bandit which you fight while travelling North Karma will be in this section.

Sample Adventurers[edit]

These are sample characters which you can add as rival adventuring parties, allies, enemies, or even your players characters.

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