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These are the major cities of Keran.


Sumrana is a huge metropolise on the back of a colossal Golem (Which is in the shape of a Tortoise). This city is the Capital of the Sumran Empire and is known for its mages. People only move around the city at night as at day the light and heat of the Sun Rana burns it so that everything is set aflame. It nearly impossible for non-mages to enter the city because of its high location on the golem. This stops it from being attacked by landbound enemies (Like North Karmainians).

Sumrana (Metropolis)
Power Centers: Monarchy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
GP Limit: 100,000
Assets: ?
Population: 250,000
Racial Mix: Isolated 96% Dunesti, 2% Lizardfolk, 1% Kobold, 1% Other Races
Authorities: Aramil Ulema, Dunesti Male, Wizard 15/Warlock 5, (Emperor)
Important Characters:
Guards: 2500 Full time Guards (Dunesti Warrior 4/Wizard 1), Captain of the Guard (Dunesti Wizard 17/Fighter 3)

Magic Items; Salt; Riding Lizards
Magic items are the most common thing exported, in that they are such common use in Sumrana. They have a very high surplus of salt and stone. Which they send to other nations which they use to stop food from getting ruined. Riding Lizards are also bought in Sumrana as a quick way to travel in the Dunes.

Plants; Food; Water
The lack of moisture in Sumra makes it hard to grow any crops as such they need to import crops from other countries. Water is also heavily imported for the same reason.

Arena (Blood Well), Civic (Upper Town), Fine Shops (Upper Market), Garrison (Watch Level), Lord's Keep (Crown of Sumra), Magic (Universium Arcanium), Marketplace (Lower Market), Noble Estates (Upper Estates), Park (Hanging Gardens), Prison (Bloodwell), Slums (Low Town), Temple (Sky Level), and Wealthy Residential (Lower Estates).


Everfall is the second largest city in all of Keran. Out matched by only Sumrana. It is located on the coast of Kratoa. It's name comes from the large amounts of pits on the lower side of the cliff.

It's success is said to have came from a magical item which can manipulate the weather. The Count has neither Athenticated this information, nor denied it.

The City is very multicultural having a place for nearly every race.

Everfall (Metropolis)
Power Centers: Monarchy
Alignment: Neutral Good
GP Limit: 100,000
Assets: {{{assets}}}
Population: 30,000
Racial Mix: Integrated (37% Karmainian, 20% Newesti, 18% Half-Elf, 10% Aasimar, 7% Lizardfolk, 5% Aegis, 3%Other Race)
Authorities: Pravelius Liaydon , Half-elf Male, Bard 15 (Count)
Important Characters:
Guards: 300 Full time guards (Karmainian Warrior 3), Captain of the Guard (Karmainian Warrior 11), 10 Golden Hands



Embassy, Fine Shops, Lords Keep, Magic, Noble Estates, Park, Average Residential, Guidhall, Marketplace, Waterfront, Prison, and Slums.

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