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Variant Rules[edit]

Blades Of Keran uses the standard 3.5 rules "Normally" but there are exceptions. These are rules that are used instead of the normal ones. Note: Spell Changes are to be found of the Players Section Of Magic.

Rule Changes[edit]

  • Barbarians and Bards do not require a Non-Lawful Alignment.
  • Cleircs can choose which energy (Positive, Negative, or Wood) they want to channel at level one and it isn't based of Alignment.
  • Druids do not need to have a Neutral Alignment.
  • Blades Of Keran doesn't have Monks.
  • Instead Of Standard Paladins, Blades Of Keran has its own version of the Paladin. The Keran version can channel any energy, worship any god, and have any alignment.
  • Multiclass penalities are Halved.
  • If you choose Divination as a Wizard Specialization you must take two Prohibited Schools.
  • You can choose Divination as a Wizard Prohibited School.
  • Each Spell takes one page in a Spellbook.
  • Writing a spell into a spellbook doesn't require any special ink.
  • When crafting a magic item a non-binder caster can choose to use someone else's experience points inplace of their own, via Binding Magic. The craft must still give up at least 10 experience points simply for using a different type of magic.
  • When crafting a magic item a binder can choose to use someone else's experience points inplace of their own, via Binding Magic.
  • An item with limited charges (like a wand) can be recharged once every night if the circumstances are right. If the moon which fits the magic items type (A wand which casts an arcane spell requires Aratarv) is out on a clear night. The magic item must then bath in the moons light. For every hour it baths in the moons light it regains one charge. Please note that a magical device can't gain more changes then what it was designed to hold with this method.

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