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Boneclaw Vindicator[edit]

A group of warriors similar to a knighthood which serves to protect the city of BonClaw. They are agile, and swift warriors which have the ability to manipulate there Bones are form them into weapons.

Crown Arcanist[edit]

A cabal of mages which work together to findout more Arcane knowledge. They are very exclusive and the only way to join is to complete three tests. Test of the Universe, Test of the World, Test of the One. If you pass then you gain a magical item which you can never lose, this item has the ability to teleport you to the Magi Isle.

Circle of Kephrana[edit]

A circle of druids which follow Kephrana's teaching's and protect nature from destruction. They opperate all around the world but stay in the shadows, trying to remain unnoticed.

Estikarn Seeker[edit]

The Estikarn Seekers are a group of Newesti which work to find and kill rogue elves. Every Seeker has there own unique spider mount, which is linked to the seekers soul. They are highly skilled and powerful warriors.

Eyes Of The DarkStorm[edit]

An secretive organisation which operate in the Underdark. Its a reclusive offshoot of the Cult of Primus who believes Primus to have spawned the Vithui. The Eyes' aims are not clear as they do not actually worship any gods or maintain any active contact with the Cult. They seem to be on a quest solely of knowledge.

Hand Of Nihlus[edit]

The Hands of Nihlus are a syndicate of assassins which kills people who's time is up. This is either because the target is breaking the balance of good & evil, Law & Chaos, or is trying to defy death itself.

Karmainian Knighthood[edit]

Order of the Animancers[edit]

Secretive but only because they are unknown. The Order of the Animancers research deathless and they use enginuity and creativity to create new kinds of deathless. This is done for various reasons depending on the individual. Perhaps the individual wishes to have the existence of deathless acknowledge or they are deathless themselves and wish to strengthen their own kind or perhaps it is something they wish to apply their creativity to. Whatever the reasons, the secrecy of the order caused the them to be very difficult to find and they are almost completely unknown in Keran.

Sumran Shaper[edit]

Walker in the Pale[edit]


Adventurer's Guild[edit]

Thieves Brotherhood[edit]

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