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I'm trying to design a WotC grade setting. Saddly they aren't really going to buy a 3.5 setting these days. Unless they go back to something amazingly similar to 3.5. I instead am going to write a novel as this as the setting. I don't plan to write to much info on the setting as I have plans for many novels. This page is going to be similar to SRD.

I do actually hope to publish this as a Official Setting with Supplements and adventure. I hope to get the Okay from Wizards to publish it. But until that happens I will write Novels for the setting, put info on this site.

Also even if this setting doesn't get off the ground. I still have my Ace. The Monolith. It will be mentioned here and their in all my settings and stories.


This setting is supposed to be darker then normal settings but not too dark for every one to be watching out for poison in their every meal, or assassins around every corner. All the Races are of my creation in way of Crunch, Fluff, or both. I did use some races from this very site like Aegis, Durzite, Ranx (Based off Thri-Ranx), Sarli, Vithui. The Binder is also a part of creating a dark feel of the setting. I am always trying to make it more realistic and have more depth.


If you have any feedback about the setting please go to the following page. I'd love to hear about peoples opinions, positive or negative. So please write your opinion on this page

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