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Rule Books[edit]

This is a list of material which is to be published if I every get the okay from WoTC to publish this setting.

Core Rule Books[edit]

Guide to Playing in Keran[edit]

Guide to the World Of Keran[edit]

Guide to the Beasts Of Keran[edit]


Animae Magia[edit]

A guide to playing as a binder of souls. One new race, many new creatures, results of binding magic, and much more.

Awakened Souls[edit]

A guide to playing as a creatures that were once weak and are now strong. Two new races, rules for playing awakened creatures, and much more.

Blood & Shadows[edit]

Dust & Dunesti[edit]

Dragons & Kobolds[edit]

Dwarves & Durzites[edit]

Estikar & The Wilds[edit]

Extraneus Magia[edit]

A guide to playing as a wielder of sphere magic. Class Variants, prestige classes, new spheres, and much more.

Knights & Paladins[edit]

A Guide to playing in North Karma. This guide details the land, Culture, and life of this wide land. Includes new items, prestige classes, new spells, new creatures, and much more.

Marsh & Moonshadow[edit]

Lords Of Creation[edit]

Relics & Ruins[edit]

The Fourth Era[edit]

A Guide to playing in the Fourth Era instead of the Third. Some Races have been killed, some new creatures have been created, a strange warlord has started to take over North Karma, and the world is now a very different place.

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