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Class Selection[edit]

Only the classes listed here are found within the world of Keran.

Base Classes[edit]

Class Description Homebrew or SRD
Barbarian A wild warrior who has a spiritual bond with an animal Homebrew
Bard A performer who can weave magic through thier art Homebrew
Binder A mage who can warp souls to his will Homebrew
Cleric A priest who channels divine power Homebrew
Daring Outlaw A lucky and stealthy trickster Homebrew (Not by Milo v3)
Druid A priest who channels primal energy Homebrew
Fighter Fully Martial Warrior Homebrew
Paladin A Divine warrior Homebrew
Necromaster A necromancer who commands the dead Homebrew
Sorcerer A mage who gains power from their blood -
Warlock A mage who gained power through a pact with Outsiders Homebrew
Wizard An intelligent mage who understands magic -

NPC Classes[edit]

Class Description Homebrew or SRD
Adept A Mage who merely dabbles in magic SRD
Aristocrat A Noble of society SRD
Commoner A peasant SRD
Expert A skilled person SRD
Ranger A swift warrior of the wilds Homebrew
Rogue A stealthy thief SRD

Prestige Selection[edit]

In Blades Of Keran the prestige classes are slightly different then normal prestige classes. The are in effect base classes with prerequistes. This means they like Base Classes have full twenty level progression, without having to enter Epic Level Rules.

All the Prestige classes listed here are found within the world of Keran and represent part of Organizations.


Class Description
Animancer of Matic A group of Necromancer's which try to master Positive Energy under Matic's Teachings
Assassin, Keran A cold killer of the night who uses stealth to assassinate his quarry
Blackguard, Keran A divine warrior of the gods of Evil.
Boneclaw Vindicator Bone Manipulating Guardians Of Boneclaw
Crown Arcanist Mages which have conjurgated in search of knowledge
Disciple of the Royal Blood People which tap into their Blood to manifest as a powerful being
Dwarven Defender Dwarves which are masters at holding the line
Eldritch Knight A warrior with magical skill you combines his powers to great effect
Estikarn Seeker Elven Rider's of Monstrous Spiders which search for rogue Newesti
Golem Forger of the Durzites An Order dedicated to the Binding of Souls into Constructs
Hands of Nihlus A Order of Assassin's that do the binding of the Divines of Death
Karmainian Knight A Noble Knight of North Karma
Master Of The Old Ways A mage the learns and casts ancient Kylanth Magic
Mechanist Of the Lost City An organisation dedicated to the making of inventions
Sumran Shaper A warrior mage from Sumra which is a master of Sand Magic
Walker's Of the Pale A group of Necromancer's which try to master Negative Energy

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