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This page won't have a group of specific adventures in it as I "Currently" feel that it isn't necessary. Instead I will do what WotC did, give you a list of Adventure Ideas. This list will have adventures which could work in the late Second Era or the Third Era (You can play in the First Era as a god but ideas will not be listed here).

Adventure Ideas[edit]

  1. Fighting as a Strike Team for the North Karmainians
  2. Fighting as a Strike Team for the Empire of Sumra
  3. Stopping a Binder from animating an army of Golems
  4. Find out if the blood sucker attacking a village is a Sarli or a Vampire and stop them
  5. Gain Revenge for the Dragonborn and strike at Tiamus herself
  6. Search the ancient Kylanth ruins of Cyclon
  7. Find the criminal who stole the Crest of Everfall
  8. Escape from the a cult of shadowy figures which woreship a lost god
  9. Travel to the Ruins and Discover its lost secrets
  10. Stop Sarli slave traders
  11. Enter the Underdark and slay the unknown horrors within
  12. Do missions for the Hands Of Nihlus
  13. Find and slay the Displacer Dragon's said to reside in the Jungles of South Karma
  14. Commit Genocide on Gnomes with the Kobolds
  15. Commit Genocide on Kobolds with the Gnomes
  16. Stop a child from selling her soul for the powers of a warlock
  17. Escape from North Karma (Works for Arcane Casters best)
  18. Search the Ruins for Artefacts
  19. Fight to protect Boneclaw during the "Siege of the Sanguine City"
  20. Fight to destroy Boneclaw during the "Siege of the Sanguine City"

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