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Magic Rings

Name Marketprice Weight CL Aura School
Animal Spirit Ring 32,000 gp 0.01 lbs. 5th Moderate Transmutation
Arachnida Ring of Alertness 3,500 gp -- 1st -- Faint Abjuration
Arachnida Ring of Climbing 2,000 gp -- 5th -- --
Arachnida Ring of Climbing, Improved 6,500 gp -- 5th -- --
Arachnida Ring of Darkvision 8,500 gp -- 5th -- Faint Transmutation
Arachnida Ring of Heroism 2,100 gp/8,500 gp -- 5th/11th -- Faint Enchantment
Arachnida Ring of Jumping 2,000 gp -- 5th -- --
Arachnida Ring of Jumping, Improved 6,500 gp -- 5th -- --
Arachnida Ring of Shock 2,500gp/4,500gp/6,500gp/8,500gp/10,500gp -- 5/10/15/20/25 -- Faint Evocation
Arachnida Ring of Speed 3,500gp -- 3rd -- --
Arachnida Ring of True Strike 1st
Arcane Ring 2,000 gp 0.01 lbs. 5th Moderate Enchantment
Banner Ring of the Undead Lord 32,400 gp 5th Moderate; (DC 20) necromancy
Black Ring of Morpheus 3000 gp 0.5 10 Moderate Enchantment
Dueling Ring 5,000gp 14th Strong enchantment
Polymorphic Ring 20,000 gp 0.001 lbs. 4/10 Weak/Moderate Transmutation
Ring of Aging 500,000 gp 9th Moderate; (DC 19) Necromancy
Ring of Arcane Awareness 67,600 gp 14th Strong divination
Ring of Daring 1,000 gp N/a 8 Weak Divination
Ring of Darkness 3,000gp - 3rd Weak Enchantment
Ring of Decay 2,000gp - 5th Weak Enchantment
Ring of Deception, Variant 0.01 15 weak enchantment
Ring of Dimensional Restraint 243,000 gp (28th) - 15th Strong (DC 22) abjuration
Ring of Displacement 5th Moderate illusion
Ring of Endless Daggers Varies 0.25 12 Strong transmutation
Ring of Flying 8,000 gp 0.01 lbs. 5th Faint Transmutation
Ring of Forelorning 2,400 gp -- 10th Weak Transmutation
Ring of Gore 3,000 gp 12th; Faint Abjuration and Conjuration
Ring of Initiative 1,500gp (+1), 4,000 (+2), 8,500 (+3), 12,000 (+4), 15,500 (+5) 0 3rd (See text) Moderate (DC 18) Transmutation
Ring of Instant Armor 5,000 gp — and 50 6th Moderate (DC 19) Conjuration
Ring of Invisibility, Greater 112000 gp 7th Strong illusion
Ring of Knowledge 1000 gp 0.01 lbs. 5th Moderate Divination
Ring of No Other Option 15,000 gp 5th Faint (DC 17) Evocation
Ring Of Recoil 81000gp 0 ML 10 Moderate enchantment
Ring of Regurgitation 7000 8th Minor abjuration
Ring of Retributive Fireball 3300 gp 12 Moderate Evocation
Ring of Return 21,000 gp 13th Strong Conjuration
Ring of Spells 1,000 gp 3 Faint Divination
Ring of Sustenance, Improved 90000 gp 10th Faint conjuration
Ring of the Archmage 199,850 gp 20 Strong Universal
Ring of the Celestial 166,250 gp 15th Strong (DC 22) abjuration
Ring of the Early Riser 1000 gp 1st Faint conjuration
Ring of the Shadow Storm 1,000 1lbs 1 Strong necromancy
Ring of the World Serpent 10,500 gp 13th Strong Conjuration
Shadow Form Ring 11,000 gp 9th Moderate (DC 20) Illusion

Incomplete Magic Rings

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