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Ring of Daring: The Ring of Daring is forged from the blood of the one for whom it is made. It bonds to them, and cannot be removed, reversed, or lost. It allows them to add half of their Charisma modifier to their Base Attack Bonus, and half to their Natural AC. All totals are rounded down if divided unevenly (Half of +7 is +3, not +4). The power of this ring comes as both a blessing and a curse, however. This daring triples the wearer's body functions, forcing them to eat and drink three times as much as usual. The benefits of this ring are lost under fear effects (such as shaken).

Weak Divination;CL 8; Forge Ring, Power Attack; Cost 500 gp, plus a pint of the wearer's blood.; Weight: N/a lb.; Market Price: 1,000 gp

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