Black Ring of Morpheus (3.5e Equipment)

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Black Ring of Morpheus: This black ring with a little red stone on top has got the power of putting one creature to sleep, but also harbours an unhelpful spirit..

It grants the wearer the use of the Sleep spell 3/day (Caster level 10), but may only target one creature and also may ignore the HD limit of targets. The targeted creature must succeed a Will saving throw (DC 10 + Wearer's Charisma Modifier) If the targeted creature fails the throw, it falls asleep for 1 minute per wearer's character level.

The ring has its own will. It is Chaotic Neutral and it hates cowardly owners. After the owner uses it, she must succeed a Will saving throw (DC 10 + wearer's character level). If the owner fails, the ring may influence the wearer as if successfully affected with Geas with the command being a single word. This word is chosen by the Dungeon Master. After failing the initial throw, the wearer may make no save, nor use spell resistance to resist the Geas.

Moderate Enchantment;CL 10; none; Cost 1500 gp, 120 xp, 3 days.; Weight: 0.5 lb.; Market Price: 3000 gp

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