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Ring of Regurgitation: This steel ring is decorated with an open mouth filled with a dark green emerald. Whilst wearing this ring, if ingested by any creature, construct or undead, the user and any other contents of the creature's stomach will be violently ejected 1 round later. Note that, depending on the creature's size and posture, this may result in falling damage to the wearer.

The creature will actively avoid swallowing the user for the remainder of the encounter. Any part of the wearer's body tastes unbelievably foul at all times while wearing this ring, even if the part being tasted has been separated from the whole.

A detrimental effect of this ring is that the wearer must pass a DC 13 Fortitude save when eating any food, drink or potion of any kind. Failure results in the wearer becoming sick, losing the benefits of whatever it was they ate. Additionally they are sickened for 1 hour.

Minor abjuration;CL 8th; Forge Ring, Craft Wondrous Item; Cost 3500 gp, 280 xp, 7 days; Market Price: 7000

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