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Ring of Spells: This Ring is usually carved from a single Eberron Dragonshard (if dragonshards exist in your game, if not, then a generic gemstone). It can hold the equivalent of 50 pages of spells, which can only be accessed magically. In addition, the ring allows the user to cast read magic 1/day as a spell-like ability, intended so that a wizard may prepare his spells each morning from the ring.

Spells are read using Read Magic. Unlike the normal use of the spell, casting Read Magic for this purpose allows you to access the ring's contents for the entire hour it takes to prepare spells. Adding a spell to the ring requires a casting of Arcane Mark, and the expenditure of 100 gold pieces worth of powdered silver per "page" so "inscribed". Deleting a spell from the ring requires an Erase spell, which removes any one spell from the ring's "pages". In addition, the spell "pages" can only be accessed by the one wearing the ring.

Faint Divination;CL 3; Craft Wondrous Item; Forge Ring; Secret Page; Read Magic; Arcane Mark; Erase; Cost 500 gp, 40 XP, 1 day; Market Price: 1,000 gp

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