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Dueling Rings: Dueling rings were a classification given to rings designed to be used in a duel, by agreement or by duelists who value their hides more than their honor. These rings can be used outside of a duel, usually with great effect, but their initial purpose was on the dueling stage. These rings fall into five broad catagories, detailed below. All dueling rings are made of gold, with an inset gem of at least 5,000gp of worth.

How they work

Dueling rings are essentially spell batteries, that contain spells cast on them for use later on. Each type of ring can only contain one 'type' of magic, meaning that a blast ring would not be able to contain spells that a blade ring could, and vice versa.

The gem that holds the spell must be worth 3,000 gold for every caster level that the ring contains, and 2,000 for every spell slot. So, a ring that could contain 1 level one spell would cost 5,000 gold, and a ring that could contain 9 spells of up to the 9th level would cost 45,000gp.

To empower a ring with a spell, one can either take it to the maker to have it empowered, or the user can do it themselves. The ring can be powered by either a scroll or a spell. In order to store a spell in the ring, the user must make a Knowledge (Arcania) roll, against a DC of 10+ the level of the spell. Professionals succeed on this test automatically on all spells up to the 7th level. The ring cannot absorb spells that were not cast on it (i.e. The ring cannot absorb a fireball hurled at the user).

Due to conflicting magical fields, it is inadvisable to try to wear more than one ring on a single hand, unless you would enjoy being afflicted by all the spells at once.

Blast Rings

These are rings that project some ranged spell, such as a Magic Missile or a Fireball, or any other ranged spells.

Blade Rings

This Ring, which costs an additional 500gp at construction, will empower a held weapon with the spell stored within. Spells that can be used in this ring are any offensive touch spell, weapon enhancement (Like Keen), or any weapon creation spell (Like Blackblade).

Shield Rings

This can be empowered by any spell that can protect the user from harm. It cannot be empowered with healing spells.

Enhancement Rings

These rings cost an additional 100gp on construction, and can store any spell that would enchance the abilities of the user, like bulls strength, or mirror image, or balance.

Alpha Rings

Double the price of creation. These rings can store any family of spells, with a +2 to DC to empower

DM Notes

These rings saw a little use in a few games that I ran, and they allowed classes that were only marginally effective in combat to aid the party's survival rate. Our party originally found these artifacts after being challenged to a duel by a drow wearing one of these rings. Fortunately, even with his advantage, we managed to defeat him, and took the ring.

Hex had a dueling ring, and is credited for the creation of the Alpha ring, after he found that he could no longer look in his spell book for a specific spell without reading the rest of the book

Strong enchantment;CL 14th; Forge Ring; Cost 2,500gp + 100XP; Market Price: 5,000gp

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