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Ring of Decay: This ring, when identified, appears to give a +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution. Once it is put on, however, it will not come off and the wearer will begin to decay at the same rate they would naturally heal, losing 1 hp/level each day. This decay is treated as vile damage and cannot be healed by conventional means. When the wearer dies, they rise as a zombie.
If the wearer's finger is removed, the ring will magically appear on another finger. If all their fingers are removed, the curse ends. A Remove Curse, Wish, or Miracle spell will also remove the ring.

Weak Enchantment;CL 5th; Forge Ring, Bestow Curse, Inflict Light Wounds; Cost 1,000gp + 40exp 2 days; Weight: - lb.; Market Price: 2,000gp

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