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Ring of Forelorning:
A ring of forelorning appears as a simple thing banded gold ring, with a small rose quartz gem nestled between two kissing lips decorating the face of the ring. This cursed ring is often sold away as a ring that helps one find their true love. A ring of forelorning grants a +1 bonus to spot checks when spotting similar type entities of the opposite gender (regardless of the character's true sexual orientation). Without successfully making a spellcraft check DC 20, a ring of forelorning can not be identified as a cursed object.

Ring of Forelorning

When a creature first dons a ring of forelorning they will undergo a random physical mutation. They will not be aware of this mutation even if they study themselves carefully. Without making a wisdom save DC 18 during the genesis of each mutation, the wearer of this ring will attend to their life unaware of their increasingly horrifying visage.
Other creatures may easily detect these changes.
Every hour, a ring of forelorning has a 50% chance of manifesting a new mutation. Accumulated mutations individually have a 20% chance to return to normal when a new mutation manifests, and not when an hour has passed with no new mutation. Identical mutations can stack, but stacked mutations are counted as one mutation for the purpose of the 20% normalcy rate.

These mutations normally have no gameplay effect. They can sometimes lower charisma scores if they detract attractiveness greatly. They may also give the ring wearer special abilities or enhanced abilities if they receive a coincidentally beneficial mutation (such as larger ears giving better hearing, furred body diminishing cold weather effects, or multiple eyes increasing spot checks).

Removing a ring of forelorning requires a remove curse spell, but that does not undue its mutagenic effects. A polymorph spell or second remove curse spell can undo all mutations.

Roll twice to determine mutation effect using the table below. One roll for location, and a second roll for alteration.

Weak Transmutation;CL 10th; Forge Ring, Bestow Curse, Polymorph, Charm Person; Cost 1,400 gp, 800xp; Weight: -- lb.; Market Price: 2,400 gp

Table: Mutations[edit]
d20 Body Location Alteration
1 scalp duplicate one feature
2 forehead reduce one feature
3 back of head grow horn/antler (1d4)
4 left side of head grow twitchy fin
5 right side of head grow eyes (1d4)
6 both sides of head grow tentacles (1d4)
7 face grow mouth
8 throat becomes hairy
9 neck becomes scaly
10 shoulders becomes thorny
11 arms becomes oozy
12 hands (either or both) becomes warty
13 fingers (any or all) becomes feathery
14 chest enlarged feature
15 abdomen shrunken feature
16 back changes color
17 rear pelvis becomes invisible
18 front pelvis smells like rotting food
19 legs gains independent sentience (3d6 int.)
20 feet becomes incorporeal

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