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Ring of the World Serpent: An emerald snake, eating its own tail to form a ring. The head of the snake sits as the centerpiece of the ring, and its eyes stare up, gleaming with an amber sparkle.

This is a Ring of Return which was forged in the common room of the World Serpent Inn.

The wearer may activate the ring once per day, as a standard action. If the wearer has never been to the World Serpent Inn, activating the ring will create an illusion in the style of Mirage Arcana causing the surrounding area to appear as though it were the common room of the Inn, lasting for one minute. If the wearer has been to the World Serpent Inn previously, activating the ring will transport the wearer back to the common room of the Inn. The wearer can bring along objects as long as their weight doesn't exceed the wearer's maximum load. The wearer may also bring up to five additional willing Medium size creatures. All creatures to be transported must be in contact with one another, and at least one of those creatures must be in contact with the wearer.

Note: Anything which would prevent a teleportation or plane shifting effect will prevent the wearer from activating the ring's transportation effect.

Strong Conjuration;CL 13th; Forge Ring, Greater Teleport, Greater Plane Shift, Mirage Arcana; Cost 5,250 gp, 420 XP, 21 days; Weight: — lb.; Market Price: 10,500 gp

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