Banner Ring of the Undead Lord (3.5e Equipment)

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My foe struck the ground with his banner and the war torn bodies of the dead rose to their feet in a twisted parody of their living selves and fell upon our allies.
—From the Ballad of the Lost Wars

Banner Ring of the Undead Lord: Similar to a normal Banner Ring, these vile creations are easily identified due to the horrific carvings etched into the sides of the ring. When the polearm or standard is raised a banner of colorful energy appears. These banners nearly always display the mark of a vile god or demon associated with the undead. It takes a 48 hour period for someone with the Craft Wondrous Item feat to change the banner to a new set of colors. Three times per day, the bearer of this banner may strike the ground and cause up to 10HD of Skeletons or Zombies to rise from corpses within sixty feet of the standard. The newly created undead fight on behalf of the standard bearer. When the standard is lowered the standard bearer chooses whether the undead become uncontrolled or are no longer animated. If the bearer should fall in combat the undead automatically become uncontrolled.

Moderate; (DC 20) necromancy ;CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, Silent Image, Animate Dead; Cost 16,200 gp, 648 xp, 17 Days; Activation: See Text; Weight: — lb.; Market Price: 32,400 gp

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