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Animal Spirit Ring:
The ring is self aware or intelligent. Once placed on a user, it will read their soul aura. The ring (or dm) will then pick (roll a dice) from the list of totem animals below.
Once the spirit animal is chosen, the ring will change the user into that type of animal. The ring choices when the user can change to and from the animal.
The ring is made from calomel metal. Once the ring has chosen an animal spirit, witch symbols of an ancient wizard language self-engrave the name of the animal spirit in the ring. The ring was created alongside the Polymorphic Ring.
If they lose the ring when not in their true form, they are stuck as that animal. If they are killed, they will reverts to their original form, though they remain dead.

Moderate Transmutation;CL 5th; Forge Ring, Polymorph; Cost 10,000 gp; Weight: 0.01 lbs. lb.; Market Price: 32,000 gp

Animal Spirit Totems

Dice Roll Totem Symbol
1 Bison the will to survive
2 Bobcat perceives hidden messages
3 Butterfly speaks of transcendent destiny
4 Cat speaks of tapping into magic
5 Chinchilla the magic of perfect timing
6 Cougar master of his domain
7 Crocodile speaks of primal instincts
8 Crow messenger of foretelling
9 Dolphin ambassador of peace
10 Dragonfly breaking free of illusions
11 Eagle freedom and victory
12 Elephant brings forth jewels of contemplation
13 Fox good luck and good fortune
14 Frog magical blessings of prosperity
15 Horse takes you to mythical lands
16 Hummingbird invite the magic of love
17 Leopard charismatic and mystical powers
18 Lion courage and power
19 Lizard, Giant lessons of regeneration
20 Panda patience brings the answer
21 Panther truth is hidden in details - in plain sight
22 Porcupine fierce self-protection
23 Scarab Beetle secrets of eternity
24 Skunk protect yourself without saying a word
25 Snake mysteries of subtle energies
26 Snow Leopard supreme master of intuition
27 Tiger the need for secret sanctuary
28 Turtle trust in divine guidance
29 Wolf master of the mind
30 Zebra group consciousness

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