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Ring of Arcane Awareness: This potent ring is typically made of gold and set with small spheres of silver. The wearer becomes cognizant of all spellcasting that occurs within 60 feet, and he can identify the spell being cast (even if he can not see its casting and/or effect) on a successful Spellcraft check (DC 15 + Spell Level). If this identification succeeds, the wearer can choose once per day to have the ring counterspell (without readying a counterspell action or making a dispel check) or can change the target or the point of effect of the spell to any target or point within 60 feet (including himself if he chooses to redirect a potentially beneficial spell). If the wearer chooses an illegal target (an animal for a humanoid-affecting spell, for instance, or a point of effect outside the spell's range as measured from the original caster), the spell functions normally and the redirection is wasted. If the wearer ends up in the area of a re-targeted spell, he experiences the effect of the spell as normal.

Strong divination;CL 14th; Forge Ring, detect magic, dispel magic, spell turning, 10 ranks in Spellcraft; Activation: —; Weight: — lb.; Market Price: 67,600 gp

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