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Ring of No Other Option: This otherwise plain band of bronze has an engraving of a skull in a ring of fire on the inside.

By uttering the words "Final Destination" and channeling his life force into this ring, the wearer can create an explosion of epic proportions powered by his very soul. The damage is non-elemental in a 50 ft. radius, dealing 4d6 per character level of the wearer and activater of the ring. The wearer, the ring, all the wearer's equipment, and the wearer's soul are destroyed by the blast, making resurrection impossible except through the direct intervention of a deity.

Magical equipment on the wearer at the time of the explosion with a caster level equal to or greater than the ring gain a Fortitude Saving Throw with a bonus equal to their caster level against DC 15. Creature in the blast radius gain a Reflex Saving Throw for half damage against a DC of 15 plus the HD of the wearer that activated the ring.

Faint (DC 17) Evocation;CL 5th; Forge Ring, fireball.; Cost 7,500 gp; 60 XP; 1 days.; Activation: Free Action; Weight: — lb.; Market Price: 15,000 gp

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