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Major Artifacts

Name CL Aura School Weight
Abyss Necklace 20 Strong Conjuration 1
Alten's Soul Harvester 15 Strong Transmutation, Evocation 2
Amulet of a Lovers Protection 19 Moderate Aura All schools 1 lb
Amulet of Unstoppable Love 20 Strong Illusion 0.5
Amulets of Sun and Moon
An'sorrak 20th Strong (DC 35) Enchantment 10
Ancient Sliver 30 Strong enchantment 3 lbs
Anlace of the Maker 15 No Aura -All Schools 3
Arcane Lightblade
Arcanus Infinium
Archon Platemail
Armor of Calisnor 25th Extreme All schools 35
Aëthár, the Blade
Bell of Resonating Fear
Blade of Jagged Plague
Bloody Pen of Pacts 20 Strong Enchantment 0.5
Book of Orcus' Hate
Book of Thoth
Book of Tzakarath
Book of Vile Hide Strong all schools 10
Books of Lore
Boots of Engulfing Doom
Boots of the Time Lord 20 Strong enchantment 1 kilogram
Bow of Dragons Sorrow
Chromaris 30 Extreme all schools 15lbs
Cistir Poesta
Crimson Suffering
Crown of Following Tomb
Crown of Madness
Crown of Tzakarath
Cryi Masu
Dant's cloak 24 Invisible abjuration and illusion If anything it would weigh a negative weight exactly that of the armor of the wearer.
Darken Axe of the Dwarf
Death Blade 19 Strong necromancy and enchantment 10 lb.
Death's Scythe
Deathless, Longsword of Necromancers
Destructive Morningstar of Erythnul
Discere Arcana
Dragon Books
Dragon Reaver
Dragon Rod
Dyzand's Blade
Eye of the Psion Incarnate
Flail of Everfrost
Fool's Parchment 20 Strong Enchantment
Forest Bow of Ehlonna
Forged Sky
Frozen Fang
Gate of Evernight: Dragon God's Hoard
Gauntlets of the Dark Lord
Glaive of Time
Glyph of the Weapon God 22 Weak, Strong when used Enchantment .1 lbs
Greataxe of Faith Demolisher
His Scythe
Holy Thunderforce
Horn of Baator 20 Strong Conjuration 2
Hourglass of Chronepsis
Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Jammominoth, Ring
Jesters Blade
Kahmai's Dirks
Key of Fatebending
Korinia's Vest 19 weak all schools 3 pounds
Lefty's Cloak
Loki's Scepter 18 Strong enchantment and evocation 10
Mask of Inescapable Laughter 20 Weak Illusion, Enchantment, Divination 1
Mask of the Shattered 90 Strong AllSchools
Master Sword
Miflorg's Celestial Sunglasses 16 Strong All Schools --
Mind ring 18 Moderate enchantment 0.1Lb
Mood Ring
Morte'Mur 18 Strong All Schools 16
Mutanic Chamber
Necklace of Soul Wringer
Nine Gem Full Plate
Orb of Cassia
Orb of Plenty
Palindromic Staff of Boccob
Paragon Blood Potion 21 Strong Necromancy, transmutation 0
Pelor's Grace 25 Strong Enchantment 10 lbs
Power Suit
Power Suit, Variant
Ptolemy's Gate
Ragnorok, Blasphemy
Rasvilt, The Defender 30 Extreme All schools 10
Ray Of Dawn
Ring of Aries 19 Moderate Conjuration 3
Ring of Capricorn 19 Moderate Conjuration 3
Ring of Death Strong aura of Necromancy necromancy Weightless
Ring of Gemini 19 Moderate Conjuration 3
Ring of Salisar 50 Strong <enchantment, necromancy> 0.1 lbs
Ring of the Green Lantern 15 Transmutation Conjuration
Ring of Tzakarath
Ring of Unending Peace
Robe of Fiends
Rod of Pain
Rod of Xom
Rose Quartz' Sword 20 Moderate Divination 45 lbs
Sarcon's Ring Strong Chaotic Aura, Transmutation
Sarcon's Scythe 20th Major Chaotic Aura, Conjuration 100 lb
Scimitar of Spellthief 20 Weak All schools 3.5
Shard of Kuvachim
Shroedinger's Catsuit
Soul Gem
Soul Timers
Spell Breather Armor
Sphere of Wonder
Survivalist's Satchel See Above <Overwhelming> <all schools> 25lbs.
Sword of Bahamut
Sword of Despair
Sword of Divine Rupture, Anu
Sword of Force
Sword of Fury
Sword of Heroes
Sword of Justice
Sword of Last Resort N/A Strong Enchantment, Necromancy 15 pounds
Sword of Mercy
Sword of Mind
Sword of Omens
Sword of Siege
Sword of Stealth
Sword of Vengeance
Sword of Wisdom
Tempest Sickle Depends Stong Good, Air, Evil 1lb
The Amulet of Dragons
The Book of Ages
The Decks of Magic Gathering 20 Strong All Schools -
The Holy Grail
The Mask
The Mirror of Infinite Faces 50 Strong aura, Illusion 1
The Moon Phases
The One Ring
The Oracle 20 Strong Divination 1
The Plot Device
The Roaring Claw 50 strong aura, destruction
The Sapphire Rod Of Azure
The Seven Seas 20 Strong Evocation 2lb
The Subtle Knife 20th Strong Conjuration 1
The Voidgazer's Cloak
Thorngage's Doomblades 25 Strong Transmutation, Evocation 0 lbs
Uthgar, The Hatebringer 19 Strong Enchantment 20

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