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In the begining, The Guardian forged Her Blade. Then He made it its sheath, which kept it eversharp. With this, The Guardian subdued the desert, and made it liveable. Then he took us under her wing, and nurtured us.- From the Song of Ages, Illandian Nomads.


The Cryi Masu has existed ever since anyone can remember, the personal weapon of the Guardian, patron of The Illandian Desert. It resides in a shrine in the Hub, sealed in place by the will of the deity. The Guardian weilds the weapon's spiritual Doppel, which functions just like the real weapon, and the only way to remove the weapon is if the Guardian Him/Herself combines the two weapons.


This weapon appears as any other Illandian Blade, but it has a definite feel of being a god's weapon.


This weapon is a Medium sized, +8 Illandian Blade. It is unbreakable, and it has a threat rating of 16-20/3. All creatures are considered to be mundane for the purposes of hits, damage, and criticals. It also comes with a special Whetsheath that instantly makes the Cryi Masu Keen.

The weapon is currently bound to the Guardian, although (s)he has the ability to pass that binding to someone else, to be reclaimed at the users time of death.

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