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The Forest Bow of Ehlonna is a mighty artifact. It apparently appeared in the middle of a lush forest. It is a +2 holy longbow with several other special abilities:

  • If wielded by a ranger, the bow gives him or her an extra +4 bonus on the checks related to his or her favored enemy, and checks of his for wild empathy automatically succeed.
  • If wielded by a druid, the druid gains proficiency with it, and can shift into a wild shape 1.5 as many times per day. Also, the druid's animal companion is treated as though the druid's class level was twice as high and checks of his for wild empathy automatically succeed.

Also, the wielder of the bow can cast elemental swarm 1/day; no cleric is necessary to open a portal. The bow is rumored to be indestructible except by Ehlonna herself. The wielder can attempt to use the elemental swarm ability 2/day, but they must make a Wisdom check. If it fails, the spell works, but the bow disappears and reappears randomly somewhere in a forest.

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