Palindromic Staff of Boccob (3.5e Equipment)

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The Palindromic staff of Boccob is a mighty artifact developed to cast the most powerful spells. It was developed by a group of clerics working together. It is a magic staff, but it is treated as a major artifact. It has 60 charges instead of 50, and contains the following spells (material components, focuses, and XP costs must be provided as normal): imprisonment (4 charges) gate (3 charges) foresight (3 charges) dominate monster (3 charges) meteor swarm (4 charges) weird (4 charges) astral projection (3 charges) shapechange (4 charges) wish (8 charges). The Palindromic staff of Boccob is rumored to be indestructible except by Boccob himself. It is also usable as a +2 quarterstaff. Once its charges are exhausted, the staff will disappear and then randomly reappear somewhere 1d4 days later, fully charged.

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