Destructive Morningstar of Erythnul (3.5e Equipment)

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The Destructive Morningstar of Erythnul is a mighty artifact. It is a +2 anarchic unholy morningstar with other special abilities.

  • A barbarian wielding this weapon can fly into a rage 1.5 times as much per day. Also, all bonuses he recieves in a rage increase by +2.
  • An evil character who uses the morningstar to kill a creature gains a +2 bonus to Strength for 1d8 rounds from bloodthirst. This bonus does not stack with other bonuses from the same ability.

Also, someone who keeps the morningstar in their possesion slowly becomes evil in alignment. It is rumored that the morningstar is indestructible except by Erythnul himself.

The morningstar was originally the item that Erythnul used for all his raids. Eventually a legendary rogue stole it and hid it away. However, it is said to now float loose in the world, appearing on battlefields with unsettling frequency. Some barbarians would rather kill their own families than lose this weapon (and they might end up killing their own families.)

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