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The Gate of Evernight: Dragon God's Hoard is the key that connects to the "Jeweled City", the "Treasury" of Draco Veistul. It connects the space of reality to the vault, opening an "invisible door" that allows for the contents to pass through upon the user's command. Allowing for easy access to the items of the treasury, he is able to pick and utilize them as he pleases. The rank of the artifact changes from "Mundane item~Major Artifact" due it reflecting ranks of the contents of the treasury. It is an artifact that becomes more powerful with the user's wealth, but it also would not be a useful artifact without a wealth of valuables. The items that pass through the gate form glowing ripples in the empty air as they appear.Draco Veistul can summon items directly into his hand, pull out weapons from directly behind him, or prepare numerous weapons in the air, loaded like bullets.

Draco Veistul can send out as little as one or two weapons or enough at a single time that it becomes comparable a torrent of "gushing water" directed at the opponent. He will increase the amount depending on the situation, opening the Gate wider to reflect his anger or when forced to become more serious. Upon firing them, he can allow them to pierce the ground after striking the target, causing a large amount of destruction with each weapon that is comparable to something being blown up by an explosive blast, or he can instantly return them to the vault before they hit the ground at such a speed that they appear to have been illusory. He utilizes a lesser artifact to retrieve any weapons left on the battlefield, instantly dissipating and returning them to the vault. Additionally, He can leave them out if he wishes.

Upon snapping his fingers or without even a gesture, the weapons can be continuously launched at the opponent without a break. Each weapon has the ability to cause certain death to an opponent, and they are shot with the same amount of power as a maximized telekinetic thrust. While it is possible to block many of the strikes, to do so without knowing the abilities of the weapons can be seen as suicidal. He will generally fight at long range while shooting projectiles from behind him directly at the opponent, but he can also freely move with the portals also moving with him. He can freely deploy the portals mid-air while piloting Vimana as well. When fighting at extremely close range, he has the ability to loose weapons from above, below, and to the side of the opponent. He can also summon weapons completely around the target for a full 360 degree barrage that should generally leave not even a single trace of flesh from the opponent. When closed upon by a target, or simply to play with the opponent, he can freely draw weapons into his hands for melee combat. The ability to handle them depends upon the user's capability. Draco Veistul makes use of the many unknown abilities of the weapons, and constantly switches them to keep his opponent off-guard.

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